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Acne E-zine Newsletter, Issue #001
November 14, 2012

Issue #001: Why What We Eat Causes Acne?

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Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat are the 3 main macro-nutrients that are essential in every balanced diet.


Carbohydrate is the human body’s major source of fuel substance and easily used by the body for energy. In fact, the body's tissues and cells use glucose as a source of energy. Carbohydrate is necessary for the functioning of the central nervous system, the muscles, the heart, the brain and the kidneys. It can accumulate and be saved or stored in the muscles and liver for use later as energy.

Carbohydrate is crucial in the function of the digestive and intestinal tract and the elimination of waste. It is primarily present in starchy foods (such as potatoes and grain), fruits, yoghurt and milk. Other foods like beans, cottage cheese, nuts, vegetables and seeds contain carbohydrate but in a much reduced amount.


Tissue repair, growth (especially for children and pregnant women), body immune system and function, making enzymes and essential hormones, energy source whenever carbohydrate is inaccessible and preserving lean muscle mass


Normal growth and development, energy (fat is the most concentrated source of energy), absorbs fat-soluble vitamins e.g. Vitamins K, E, D, A and fat-soluble compounds like carotenoids, provides support and cushion for the internal organs, sustains and maintains cell membranes, as an ingredient for food it renders consistency, taste and stability.

Foods that Cause Acne

It is very important to understanding the consequences that blood sugar spikes have on the hormone release and secretion within the human body – hormones that impede the immune system, encourage acne breakouts, fat storage and body weight and many more.

The glycemic index is indicative of precisely how quickly sugar in the food consumed is disposed off into the bloodstream during the course of digestion.

Eruptions on the skin surface may imply an acidic condition in the blood. This may originate from eating too much of something, that the body has to react to, like fried food, meat, white flour products, sweets as well as drinking a lot of colas and soft drinks and coffee.

Refined sugar

Carbohydrates are sugar that the body uses for energy.

Simple carbohydrates which could be referred to as simple sugars, supplies the body system with instant energy. This is found in milk, white sugar and fruit.

Complex carbohydrates like starch and fibre take longer to be digested and therefore slower when compared with simple carbohydrates. This is found in bread, oatmeal, peas, rice, vegetables, and whole grains.

Bad carbohydrates are processed or refined and do not have any nutritional value.

White sugar carries a glycemic index of 100. Foods of more complex carbohydrates carry a lower glycemic index because the sugar is released, over time, into the bloodstream, as opposed to all at the same time like refined sugar.

A diet that consists of high-glycemic foods like white bread, sugary cereals, white rice, pasta and candy allows the person to be susceptible and vulnerable to the rapid sugar influx into the blood stream. Over time therefore at risk of blood sugar disorders, diabetes and weight gain. This may be because the body is struggling to process the spikes in sugar intake.

Low-glycemic carbohydrate foods like certain fruits, nuts, whole grains and low-glycemic sweeteners like stevia and agave nectar are healthier in terms of its impact on the body's hormones and the immune system.

Studies and researches suggest that sugar itself does not contribute to skin disorders and acne breakouts but rather the effect it has on the blood sugar spikes and the hormone production within the body

Refined sugars are included in all sorts of foods, including pastas, flour and white bread. Therefore, processed and refined sugars can be detrimental and damaging to the body and also lead to surges in insulin. The spike in insulin causes excessive amounts of blood sugar to be disposed of from the bloodstream resulting in both blood sugar and insulin levels being reduced. It can also drop below its normal levels leaving the body feeling tired and possibly craving for more sugar. This would therefore start the process again.

Insulin spikes and surges may create a boosts in the levels of the body's hormones, such hormone imbalances can be connected to acne and the breakout of acne. To control the hormones and keep the skin clear, avoid excessive use of refined sugars and rely on natural sweeteners like honey.

Fatty foods

The body needs fat to grow and to process vitamins. There are different forms of fat.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good for the body. These are canola oil, safflower, peanuts, olive, fish and nuts. Other forms of fat, including saturated fat and trans fat, also called hydrogenated oils, can accentuate the danger of particular health disorders. Trans fats and saturated fat can be found in fried food, fast food, baked food, butter, whole milk and in meat from animals. Too much fat will hinder the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. As a result, impaired blood sugar metabolism so that would be easy to increase and decrease drastically. At that time there is improvement, this condition can trigger the appearance of acne.

The grease in fatty foods may not directly cause acne. However, the fat can cause toxic compounds to accumulate in the body, which eventually reflects and mirrors through the pores and skin as excessive sebum is generated with bacteria infection and then acne.

Not all fats are bad, and some, like omega-3's, are good and essential for the body and can be found in things like nuts, avocados and salmon.

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Processed Foods

Processed products and processed foods often contain additional ingredients, including preservatives. Material difficult to digest from the body and can exacerbate the inflammation of acne, which had become infected.

Junk food and processed foods are bad for the body and can cause acne. This is because processed foods contain artificial additives, dyes and preservatives that can aggravate, irritate and inflame the pore and skin, and trigger acne breakouts. Overindulging and excessive intakes of these foods can cause impurities and toxins and to build up in the body, resulting in blemished skin.

The Chinese traditional medicine recognize acne is linked with incomplete and inefficient digestion, which contributes to the toxic and noxious metabolites that suddenly appear on the skin. A skin-healthy diet plan would reiterate both raw and mildly cooked vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables that are rich in fibre and have beneficial trace minerals.

The diet plan could include good sources of lean protein and complex carbohydrates like potatoes, whole grain bread, rice and legumes; provided it does not cause digestive problems. Fibre-rich foods facilitate,help and ensure a clean gastrointestinal tract, which could be particularly important in tackling acne.

Consuming 3 healthy and balanced meals daily would provide the important and essential nutrients and help reduce the craving appetite for greasy fried foods and sugary foods.

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Acne News Special

Researchers have concluded that a harmless virus, that is know as phage, and lives on the human skin can be applied as a treatment for acne.

The study by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has been published in the online edition of the American Society for Microbiology - Sept 25th, 2012.

The scientists and researchers considered two micro-organisms:

-Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium that flourishes in the pores of the skin and stimulate acne, and

-P. acnes phages, a family group of viruses that live on the human skin. These infections and bacteria are harmless to the human skin however can be programmed to infect and kill the P. acnes bacteria.

According to the scientists and researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and UCLA, there exists about 11 different types of viruses in the phage family group that have the capability to attack and destroy the bacteria that trigger acne.

'The greatest wealth is health' - Virgil

The Tackle Acne Team
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