Accutane Side Effects

The most critical information about Accutane Side Effects
• Accutane could potentially cause birth defects. It is only to be administered to patients that are able to understand and agree to undertake all the guidelines within the iPledge program.

• Accutane could cause serious psychological or severe mental health complications.

• Accutane is used to tackle a severe type of acne, like nodular acne. It is used to treat this skin condition when all other treatments, including antibiotics, have failed.

The Most Common Accutane Side Effects

• Dry lips,mouth,nose, eyes and skin

• Peeling soles and palms

• Vision alterations

• Hearing variations

• Menstrual cycle alterations

• Changes in blood cell levels

• Alterations in lipid blood levels

• A rise in blood glucose levels

• Adjustments in liver function levels

• Decrease or increase in blood pressure

• Corneal opacities, cataracts and eye irritation

• Rashes, itchiness, photosensitivity, skin fragility and skin abnormalities

• Depression, psychological or emotional unbalances

• Drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and weakness

• Joint pain, Back pain or muscle pain

• Lack of appetite, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disturbances, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea

• Irregular heart beat - atrial tachycardia

This is not an extensive listing of side effects. Some patients may suffer other side effects that are not listed in this article. Affected individuals should consult their medical practitioner for further information.

Serious and Critical Accutane Side Effects

• Depressive disorders

• Erectile dysfunction

• Aggressive behaviour

• Psychotic disorders

• Hearing incapacity

• Pancreatic disorder

• Vascular thrombosis

• Stroke

• Seizures

• Major birth defects

• Premature epiphyseal closure

• Irregularities or abnormalities of the cardiovascular system

• Uncommon suicidal ideation and/or suicide attempts

• Pseudotumor cerebri symptoms - swelling pressure around the brain

• Osteopenia - decrease in bone mass and durability

• Osteoporosis - weak, fragile and delicate bones

• Hepatotoxicity - chemical driven liver damage

• Anaphylaxis - fast, lethal allergic reaction

• Allergic vasculitis - foreign substance causing inflammation and damage to the blood vessels

• Cataracts and/or corneal opacities - can result in a decline in eye sight and may lead to eventual loss of sight

• Neutropenia blood disorder - low white blood cells makes the body more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections

• Agranulocytosis - an uncommon reduction or disappearance of white blood cells

• Rhabdomyolysis - a rare deadly disease that damages skeletal muscle

• Inflammatory bowel disease - causing abdominal cramps and continual diarrhea

Some side effects may require urgent and immediate medical assistance while others may not and may even disappear completely during treatment.

Nevertheless patients should talk to their medical doctor about any side effects that persist or are worryingly aggravating.

A young man talks about his accutane side effects

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