Flaxseed can be found in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, extending through to India. It may have been domesticated first in "The Cradle of Civilization". Nevertheless, it was cultivated extensively in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Ethiopia for its seeds and fibres. Dyed flax fibres have even been found in a prehistoric Dzudzuana Cave in the Republic of Georgia dating as early as 30,000 BC.

Whole Flaxseed: Golden or brown. A nutritional powerhouse, rich in protein, fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, it cannot be digested.

Ground Flaxseed: It must be ground flax to get the benefits. The body is also able to digest it properly. It can be added to mayonnaise, mustard, yoghurt, hot or cold breakfast cereal or in cookies, muffins and bread.

Whole & Ground Flaxseed

Flax seed is available in three different forms:

  1. Whole Flax seed
  2. Ground Flax seed
  3. Flax Seed oil

Flax Seeds, whole or ground, has a host of nutrients that are not included in the extracted Flax Seed Oil. Therefore one cannot be a substitute for the other.

Flax Seed Oil has a high level of Alpha Linolenic Acid which is beneficial to the body because it is an essential fatty acid.

Flax Seed Nutritional Benefits

Flax Seed is high in B vitamins, magnesium, manganese and low in carbohydrates. It has three key factors that helps to enhance its Nutritional benefits:

  1. It contains a higher level of lignans, up to 800 times more, than most plant food. Lignans (phytoestrogen) are potent antioxidants, oestrogen-like chemicals with natural cancer-protective compounds.
  2. It is high in fibre, insoluble and soluble. The fibre has a cholesterol lowering effect, hence, a diet rich in fibre will keep the blood sugar stabilized, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, healthy body weight and keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning properly.
  3. It is a natural source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, an Essential Fatty Acid. Omega 3 can only be sourced from supplements or food sources like Flax Seed, Walnuts, Oily Fish, Soy and pumpkin Seeds. This fatty acid is able to fight against inflammation in the body.

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