Green Tea for Acne

What is Green Tea?

Green tea may be seen as an alternative to prescription medication particularly if the side effects of such drug becomes more compelling than the benefits to the human body.

The herbal acne remedy that has been clinically proven to help stop acne

1) Green Tea

2) Tea Tree Oil

3) Thyme Oil

4) Brown Seaweed Extract

Tackle Acne using Green Tea for Acne

Green tea is so potent against acne because it contains

1) Phytochemicals - Compounds found in plants that have beneficial health effects on the body

2) Polyphenols - This occurs naturally in plants like tannins and flavonoids which are beneficial to health

These two components have properties that act

1) To avoid a skin infection and acne breakout

2) To enable the skin to cure the infected area

Green tea has been shown to

1) Decrease hormone activity

2) Fight bacteria

3) Reduce inflammation

All three characteristics means green tea can be used as an acne therapy.

Green tea can be used orally

Green tea by the cup - drinking tea

Green tea extract capsules

Green tea for acne can be used topically

Applying green tea directly to the skin

Green Tea Versus Benzoyl Peroxide

Green Tea For Acne or Benzoyl Peroxide?

Dr. Jennifer Gan Wong et al, from the Memorial Medical Centre, Philippines, conducted a scientific study on the effects and consequences of green tea on tackling acne.

The research compared the effects of 4% benzoyl peroxide cream and 3% green tea extract cream on moderate to severe acne.

108 participants were divided into 2 treatment groups

1) Green tea extract cream

2) Benzoyl peroxide cream

The 2 groups applied the respective creams twice a day for 12 weeks.

Findings and Recommendations

* The research discovered that green tea cream lightened the patient's skin colour and improved the overall skin complexion.

* The study demonstrated that the green tea group reported fewer cases of itching, dry skin and allergic reactions.

* The group on green tea extract cream had fewer side effects than the group benzoyl peroxide.

Herbal acne treatment has fewer side effects and is less toxic in comparison to other prescription drugs.

The finding could be relevant to the millions of people who suffer from acne, a condition that affects 4 out of 5 people at some point in their life. In fact, many individuals develop it at least once in their life.

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