Jojoba Oil

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba (ho-ho-bah) oil is a unique liquid wax ester extracted or cold pressed from the seed of a jojoba plant (Simmondsia Chinensis).

The plant, which is either male or female, is a shrub native to the Sonora desert of Arizona, Southern Baja California and Northwestern Mexico.

This bushy dioecious, wind pollinated and drought resistant shrub may grow up to 5 metres in height with a life span of up to 200 years.

The indigenous native americans, from Sonora and Baja California, had long been using jojoba seed and oil for centuries on a multitude of things.

This was documented by Father Junipero Serra, who was a spanish missionary and founder of the California Missions, in the 1700s. The plant was used by the indigenous natives for the traditional treatment of sores, cuts, bruises, windburn and sunburns.

It was also extensively used for hair conditioning, skin care, cooking and dietary supplements. In addition to medical problems such as poison ivy, sores, wounds, colds, cancer, and kidney malfunction.

Jojoba is now cultivated commercially in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Egypt, India, Israel, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and the USA.

Jojoba Oil Health Benefits

Jojoba oil - Skin Care

It works as an excellent moisteriser by developing a non greasy lipid coating, which is partly occlusive hence able to avoid water loss through the skin.

It can be used to nourish and moisturise all types of skin. It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any unpleasant oily feeling or oily residue.

It helps to soften the skin by the diffusion of the oil into the intercellular spaces of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis.

It has an anti-bacterial, anti-acne and anti-ageing effect on the skin. Hence has an effect on fighting wrinkles, psoriasis and eczema.

It is non greasy and non oily. A wax ester that contains high levels of tocopherols, which have an antioxidant effect on the skin.

It can be used to remove make up and cleanse the face with no fear of irritation or allergy. The oil helps to maintain skin elasticity.

Jojoba oil - Hair Care

It is an effective practical ingredient in hair and scalp preparations. several scalp related issues may be the consequence of a solidified build-up of sebum (natural oil) that clogs up the the hair follicles and could induce some form of scaling.

If this solidified build-up of sebum is not eliminated, it may ultimately obstruct the hair follicle's ability to function effectively and properly. It may eventually lead to a loss of the hair shaft, and inevitably, the death of the follicle.

It swiftly penetrates down to the scalp and hair shaft, and effortlessly loosens and dissolves the hard build-up of sebum. The scalp and hair follicles are left clean and free to function as normal.

It can be used to improve hair quality and stimulate hair growth, used as a natural remedy for dandruff with its moisturising and nourishing properties.

Jojoba oil - Natural Elements

It contains microelements and nutrients like zinc, copper, silicon, iodine, chromium, Vitamins E and B group, acids and other natural ingredients.

When used externally the health benefits include its antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturising and soothing properties.

It can be used to get rid of various skin conditions or infections e.g. acne, insect bites, fungal microbes, skin bacteria, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, athlete’s foot, warts and cold sores.

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