Keep Your Hands off Your Face

This is actually easier said than done

* Keep your hands off your face *

That is exactly why it is a very simple home remedy for acne.

It helps to avoid touching the face if you want a clear face. The majority of us are not conscious of how frequently we touch our faces, especially when it itches. As soon as you focus on how many times you paw at your face, you may feel completely feral. Our hands and fingers are definitely the body's major tool to interact directly with our immediate surroundings.

We use our hands to do almost everything like opening doors, handshakes, touching money and making payments etc.

Perspiration, dust, oil, germs, viruses and bacteria spread from person to person by way of frequently touched surface types like door handles, store counter tops and petrol station pump handles, etc. In the process of touching things our hands collect a lot of bacteria and germs.

When you touch your face, you are simply spreading these bacteria and germs onto your face. The effect is that it makes the acne problem worse and may aggravate further acne breakouts.

So steer clear of touching the face, so that the excess oil, germs, grime and dirt, can not easily spread from the hands to the face.

If you want to tackle acne and have an acne free face -

* Keep your hands off your face *

However, if the unnecessary touching of the face through the course of a working day is unavoidable, to the extent that you can not keep your hands off your face try and make an effort to wash both hands throughout the day.

Hand sanitizers is a great way to keep the hands clean after coming in contact with public, hard or soft surfaces that generally accummulate dust and gems like elevator doors, railings,door handles, etc.

How to Get Rid of Acne

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