Laser Acne Treatment

What is the most effective laser acne treatment for you? It is only natural that anybody plagued with acne, would prefer to have a variety of effective, up to date choices, and also, be able to make a well informed,educated choice for acne treatment.

The physical and emotional discord that acne triggers, when it cannot be managed by conventional treatments, coupled with the dilemma that sufferers have concerning the negative side effects of established treatments like Accutane, may have helped fuel the emerging acne therapies available to fight acne and enhance clearer skin.

It therefore becomes more crucial, more important, than ever before to learn, understand and empower yourself on how to tackle acne.

What are the choices available to you?

There are a number of choices which are accessible to treat active acne, including prescribed antibiotics and creams, which concentrate on acne causes. Nevertheless, despite the amount of acne skin care treatments available today, chronic acne outbreaks could still be a challenge to deal with and tackle.

The latest, modern laser acne treatment may be the most effective choice, but generally, only reserved for those who do not respond to prescription medication, or other forms of traditional treatment. This option may, therefore, be as a last resort.

Acne treatment recommendations may be subject to :

- The type of acne

- The severity of the acne

- The type of skin

- Whether or not scarring exists

- The type of scar

How Does Laser Acne Treatment Work?

- Unclog the skin and pores.

- Kill the bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes that can trigger off inflammation.

Types of Laser Acne Treatment

Diode laser therapy

This treatment kills the sebaceous glands within the dermis. This is the thick centre layer, while the skin surface is called the epidermis. It is able to do this without damage to the skin.

This treatment may hurt, however, the discomfort can also be managed with pain killers like analgesics used on the skin prior to treatment.

There are some adverse reactions from this treatment like temporary swelling and redness.

Photodynamic therapy.

This treatment is a combination of topical medication with light based therapy. During the procedure a photosensitizing agent, is used on the skin to improve the results of light treatment.

Pulsed, red or blue, light therapy or any other type of light treatment is the other combination.

Negative side effects may include crusting , swelling, redness and acne breakouts

Photopneumatic therapy.

This treatment makes use of a vacuum to help pull out the skin cells that are dead and oil from inside the sebaceous glands

The focused region will then be taken care of with red and blue light treatment to destroy the bacteria and minimize inflammation.

Pulsed Dye Laser

This type of therapy is non-ablative, non invasive and used for problems like birthmarks, age spots, moles,psoriasis and spider veins. It is also used to minimize wrinkles, burns, scars, rosacea and acne.

It has relatively long intervals between each pulse, where it emits short pulsed high energy, laser light.

Although the skin may not need to be anaesthetized before the laser treatment, there may be a stinging sensation

There has been conflicting studies on the effectiveness of pulsed dye laser treatment for acne. Therefore, due to limited research, pulsed dye laser therapy may still be considered as an experimental acne treatment.

Laser acne treatment and light acne treatment are rather new procedures currently being scrutinized for the purposes of treating acne. Therefore consult your doctor or dermatologist.

What is the best acne treatment?

The body chemistry is different so there can not be the 'best treatment for acne'. There is no one treatment that works best for every patient, people will react or respond differently.

There are many acne treatment options available, but which ever option you choose it has to be customized to suit your type of acne and your skin type. This is why treating acne can be frustrating.

Nevertheless, a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and an experienced dermatologist may be necessary to get clarity on the treatment of acne.

What are the Laser Treatments For Acne Scars?

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