Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tackle Acne using Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tea tree oil is a concentrated plant that contains terpinen-4-ol with a minimum concentration of 40 %. The essential oil is extracted, using steam distillation, from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca Alternafolia, a shrub-like tree, native to the Australian coastal areas (North East Coast of New South Wales).

Tea tree oil, Melaleuca oil, is a pale yellowish or green tinged clear essential oil that has a clean and fresh camphoraceous aroma.

This essential oil acts as an effective antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredient. It is the antimicrobial properties that enhances the main ingredients in acne treating skin creams. Therefore, it is able to soothe skin irritation, rashes, burns and inflammation caused by other external sources.

It is used to fight bacteria,fungi and viral infections. It can tackle acne, control dandruff and be used to treat warts. In addition, it is used to treat head lice and used in kids' shampoos.

The essential natural oil is mostly used to treat acne and greatly used by many people in skin care regimes.

Tea tree oil for acne can be a strong essential oil that may cause irritation if used excessively. It can develop some gentle skin discomfort within an area that is already experiencing difficulty or skin disorder particularly in areas already having breakouts.

It is generally promoted for the treatment of many skin problems because of its resistance to infection and its ability to control external parasites.

It can be an efficient treatment for signals of sensation on the skin or body and used on sensitive skin without having harmful side-effects. An acne sufferer with sensitive skin may start out on a very mild dosage and experiment on a small part of the skin.

Tea Tree Oil Versus Benzoyl Peroxide

Tea Tree Oil for Acne or Benzoyl Peroxide?

Tea tree oil for acne has been shown to be efficient in eliminating acne bacteria when used topically and therefore may be applied as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide in most of the natural acne skin care treatments.

A relative research of tea tree oil versus benzoyl peroxide in tackling acne has been conducted.

This essential oil has always been considered to be an effective topical (rub-on) antiseptic agent. It has also demonstrated the diverse range of antimicrobial activities. Nevertheless, the availability of anecdotal research for its effectiveness in treating different skin disorders may open up further research in this field.

The clinical study on 124 acne sufferers was conducted to examine the skin tolerance and efficacy of tea tree oil gel at 5% in treating mild to moderate acne in comparison to benzoyl peroxide lotion at 5%.

The outcome of this study demonstrated that both tea tree oil at 5% and benzoyl peroxide at 5% had a major effect in improving the acne by decreasing the amount of non-inflamed and inflamed lesions (closed and open comedones).

Tea tree oil was slower at the beginning of the conducted study. Encouragingly, much less side effects had been experienced by the affected individuals treated with tea tree oil.

Types of Essential Oils

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