What is the Truth about Acne?

Can the truth about acne ever be revealed?

  • Can there ever be a healthy remedy to acne breakouts that heal and get results? 

  • Does anyone think there is a genuine pimple solution that works or is it actually a complete fallacy?
  • Can there be an everlasting solution to spots or is 4 out of 5 people that suffer from zits sentenced to the self conscious and self image of battling the physical symptoms?

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Can anyone think of a real, organic and less risky substitute for the unlimited demand of self prescription and the malicious uncomfortable side effects induced by normal medicines, ointments and external acne cures?

Most skin doctors, aestheticians & cosmetic dermatologists have provided a response to all these debatable questions by asserting that acne or spots is a condition that is unable to be healed.

So What Exactly Is the Truth About Acne?

  • Most dermatologists do not understand what the genuine reason for acne is. This is astonishing but an astounding point. These specialists are exceptionally aware of the signs and symptoms of spots, acne or zits but rather tactfully specialize in managing these same signs and symptoms. Sadly being unable to inform acne sufferers what the underlying cause of acne breakouts could be. Nevertheless, do not take my word for it, just ask a dermatologist.
  • Most medical experts do a lot of research and development  in conjunction with the drug and pharmaceutical companies. It therefore appears to be a lack of incentive, at unearthing an Acne solution and remedy. It cannot be ignored the fact that 100s of millions of $ have been exhausted on finding treatments for acne signs and symptoms.

Is this the truth about acne or is there a valid reason for this?

In general, the international objective is to create revenue, this becomes achievable by consumer dependency. By making the use of ointments, creams and medication, which typically deal mainly with the signs of acne and its symptoms, the truth is clear, as it is neglecting the inherent root cause of the dilemma, so that zits, acne and spots will unlikely ever be healed.

A typical acne victim will end up becoming more and more reliant on prescription medication that briefly relaxes the signs and symptoms. Does this not imply the continued revenue for pharmaceutical and drug companies?

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Is this really the Truth about Acne?

This metaphor paints a picture of inflammatory skin disorders among other prolonged ills and the way contemporary medical science tackles these unhealthiness :

Imagine mosquitoes in a stale pond. The mosquitoes can easily be eradicated by using chemicals. However, if the pond is also a fertile ground for mosquitoes to find food and lay its eggs there is still an attraction for more mosquitoes, probably more than before, to breed.

The source of the attraction for mosquitoes to appear, in the first place, has not been tackled. Therefore, with the feeding source in place the mosquitoes will return for food and breed even more. The cycle continues.

To understand the truth about acne, this same logic would apply with skin disorders. Its that simple.

Without eradicating the source of spots, zits and acne, the condition will remain the same. Without tackling the underlying issues that triggers and causes acne, undergoing a temporary fix may not last long. Acne will breakout and return again. A fundamental shift to root out the internal causes will be needed. Like with the stale pond. Like I said, Its that simple.

Ultimately, every human illness results from a break down or failure of the body to operate within the body. This could be said of all major chronic conditions and diseases able to act as a sign of something essentially wrong inside the human body. Therefore, could acne be a small sign from the body that something is out of balance internally and should be tackled and rectified?

When it comes to the truth about acne what should be done?

There are a couple of options :

    • The body's internal imbalances which lead to acne breakouts will not, for the most part, suddenly disappear. If any thing, it could become more of a severe condition. Instead of just having acne, the body could start having toxic overload related symptoms and other hormonal imbalances in addition to the spots. If the internal body instability is not returned to its natural state, the symptoms can only get worse and more intense. Make the mistake of ignoring the triggers or symptoms in the hope that the condition will disappear could be a big mistake!
    • It is important to pay more attention to the body and initiate tackling the internal problem; which is causing acne and its breakouts to appear in the first instant. This approach will get rid of spots, pimples and acne. It will enable the skin to prevent future hormonal imbalances, toxic overload related conditions and re-balance the body. So that the skin can become acne free, much more healthier and clear in complexion.

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    Healthy Life-Style

    Nevertheless, this is not just the truth about acne. The reality is there are over 300 synthetic industrial chemicals that can be found in the human body today, that could not be found or did not exist over 50 years ago. Hence, the imbalance in the body; filled with toxins from the air we breath, the food we eat and even the medication we take cannot be ignored.

    The key is to put the human body back into balance. Repair the internal imbalance that triggers spots, zits and acne. This can be achieved through a healthy life-style (hormonal balancing, healthy diet, cleansing and detoxify etc.). This will alter the imbalance and restore the body to its normal state. Tackling acne holistically will help eradicate acne and restore health and vitality.

    Regardless of the type of acne or skin condition that exists. Whether the suffering is as a result of: whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, papules, cysts, nodules, acne vulgaris, acne fulminans, acne conglobata or acne rosacea. When it comes to the truth about acne, the core principles needed to tackle acne are essentially the same.

    The fact that people have been treated holistically for over thousands of years means it works whether its acne on the back, chest or shoulder, adult or teenage acne or even female related acne such as acne due to monthly cycles or menopause acne .

    Whatever the skin condition is, if the treatment is not working it is definitely worth trying another option, the holistic approach that actually empowers people in tackling acne head on and become acne free and stay clear. The approach simply empowers the individual .

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